2021 Veteran Banner FAQ

April 15, 2021 at 12:00AM

Veteran Banner FAQ 2021

Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is eligible for a Veteran Banner? 

The veteran must be a Galion graduate OR must have attended Galion High School OR must live/have lived in Galion.


Are current service men/women eligible?

We are not currently accepting current service men and woman for the project due to the overwhelming number of veteran requests.


How do I get a banner?

The Galion Historical Society is holding registration Thursday, April 15 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. at Historic Grace Church located at 130 W. Walnut St. Galion, OH 44833.


Where can I park?

Parking is available behind the church, Union and Walnut Streets, Uptown City Parking Lots, and Harding Way and old Middle School Lot.


I cannot make the Registration date, what do I do?

Your only option is to find someone else to represent you at Registration.

One Banner per sponsor.  No exceptions.


How many banners can I register?

For the final year, we will be letting people register however many banners they need.


I live out of town or out of state. Can I still register a Veteran for a banner?

Yes, but you must find someone to represent you at the registration event.

Priority was given to out-of-town/state sponsors in 2018 and 2019.


What do I need to provide at registration?

A hard COPY photo (on photo paper, not regular copy paper) of the veteran in uniform and the $47.00 payment. Checks can be made payable to Photorama Studio. Please be prepared to fill out a form of the Veteran’s basic military info, such as war OR years served, and branch of service.


Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, credit cards will be accepted at registration.


Will Galion Historical Society keep the photo?

Yes, the Galion Historical Society will keep the photograph you submit for our military archives and records. This is how we are expanding our town’s history!  We ask that you submit a copy (on photo paper) of the original photo.


What size photo should I submit?

There are no specific size limitations for photos. Just remember, the better quality the photograph you submit, the better it will look when it’s enlarged on a 2’ x 4’ banner. (4”× 6” and 5” × 7” are desirable)


Why is there a fee?

The $47.00 fee is the cost of designing and printing the banner via Photorama Studios. The Galion Historical Society has worked hard to find funding through grants and donations to make sure the public is not paying the full cost of banner bracket hardware and installation/removal. Photorama will be designing and printing the banners again in 2020 and again they have steeply discounted this price for the project.  The Galion Historical Society does not profit from the $47.00 fee.


How many banners are available this year?

There is enough space on the available decorative lamp posts (in good viewing vicinity) for 338 banners in 2021.  These are the only light posts we have permission to use.


Will banners made and hung in 2021 be included in the 2022 project?

Yes. To remain consistent, Banners will hang for two years and then banners will be returned to the sponsor.


What happens to banners after they hang for two (2) seasons?

Banners will be returned to the sponsors.




Can I have a banner that has hung for two years and returned to me rehung?

No.  We are working diligently to honor as many of our veterans as possible.  Our current project is to hang banners of those veterans who have not yet been displayed.


Can I have a banner printed for my personal use?

That is between you and Craig Alguire of Photorama Studio.  Photorama may print banners for your personal use after all Veteran Banner Project banners are hung. We will not be able to include your personal banner in our Veteran Banner Project.


Where will the banners hung in 2021?

The 2021 Banners will hang along Harding Way East and West lamp posts (2 per post) from Portland Way to East Street, and Public Square.


Where will the 2020 Banners be hung in 2021?

In 2021, the 181 Banners from 2020 will be hung in Heise Park and on Harding Way East.  Where possible, Heise Park Banners will be hung 4 banners to each lamp post for a total of approximately 120 Banners.  In Heise Park, most lamp posts are far enough from the street to make this possible.  We will not infringe on the west end of Heise Park where sports’ banners are hung. The remaining 61 Banners will hang on Harding Way East.


Why can’t you hang 4 banners per lamp post uptown?

Lamp posts are too close to the street and too low.  While a small car could park under the banner, anything higher would not be accommodated.


Is it possible to hang banners parallel to the street?

It is possible, but we chose not to do this. This would mean half of the banners could not be seen from the street. In addition, drivers would be required to turn their heads away from traffic to see the banners.


Will there be a recognition ceremony again this year?

Yes!  All sponsors will receive an invitation to the Veteran Banner Recognition the night of registration with details for the event.


Can I pick where my banner hangs or request it to hang near another banner?

No.  Our City Line Department graciously installs and un-installs banners for the Veteran Banner Project.  The Galion Historical Society will not further complicate or lengthen the process of hanging banners for the Galion City Line Department as we strive to have the banners hung in time for Independence Day.


How long will banners hang?

The goal is for the banners to be hung by July 4. Banners will be hung in no particular order and no particular location. They will hang through Veterans’ Day in November.


How is it determined what information appears on the banners?

Each veteran must have one sponsor.  It is the sponsor who determines, by information provided on the registration form, what information is printed on the banner. Information must follow registration guidelines.



So, how many banners can be hung? (We are taking one year at a time.)


  • 123 banners hung on Harding Way in 2018


  • 123 banners from 2018 will hang in Heise Park & on HWE
  • 157 New Banners will hang on HWE & HWW
  • 280 banners hung in 2019


  • 157 banners from 2019 will hang in Heise Park (120) & HWE (37)
  • 181 New Banners will be hung on HWE & HWW
  • 338 banners hung in 2020


  • 181 banners from 2020 will hang in Heise Park (120) and & HWE (61)
  • 157 New banners will be hung on HWE & HWW
  • 338 banners can be hung 2021