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Ghost Stories at Brownella…

The sight of Brownella Cottage and a little knowledge of its heritage has conjured many stories over the years of spirits of its former residents roaming the property. Visions of the Bishop whisping through the glass causeway, lights coming on and off at night, and other accounts have been told. In April, 2009, a team of paranormal researchers visited the cottage to conduct their own investigation. If you have a story you would like to tell, please email or call us to share your experience for our Paranormal history.

Paranormal Investigations & Tours at Brownella Cottage

Since the special aired on My Ghost Story, the Galion Historical Society has opened up Brownella for additional small group and private paranormal tours & investigations. At the end of every paranormal tour that we conduct, everyone in attendance is asked to take a brief survey so that the Society can judge how things are going, as well as how we can continue to make the “experience” better each time around.

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Representatives from SPATS visited Brownella in 2009, and conducted limited experiments utilizing devices which measure electrical charges, temperature, and possible voice activity. That visit resulted in the alleged capturing of an actual EVP – an “Electronic Voice Phenomenon,“ as well as significant equipment readings in particular areas of the house – areas which had been the scene of previous activity unknown to the researchers. Based on those promising results, the group requested the privilege of a return visit, this time with the addition of night vision video research equipment.


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